It can be a challenge to locate and hire experienced staff and labor force for an oil and gas operation.

With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Time Temasek has forged strong contacts with many human resource sectors affiliated with the industry. Our experience also allows us to discern and locate individuals with skills and psychological profiles most suited for the challenges in the industry.

Let Time Temasek provide the skilled manpower you need for your oil and gas operations. We are capable of providing a labor task force that can support your total project requirements. Tight and stressful deadlines are of no difficulty to us, we are able to mobilize our manpower in urgent requirement.

Provision for HUC for SKO Pipeline Replacement Project

Manpower Track Records

No.Client's NameProject DescriptionScope of WorkPeriod
1Gas MalaysiaEPCC of NGDS – Kapar (Top Groove) - Pipeline, Carry out NDTManpower Supply, pipeline installationMarch 2005 COMPLETED
2Gas MalaysiaEPCC of NGDS – Kapar (Southern Acid) - Pipeline, Carry out NDTManpower Supply, pipeline installationMarch 2005 COMPLETED
3Gas MalaysiaEPCC of NGDS – Kapar (Incaplas) - Pipeline, Carry out NDTManpower Supply, pipeline installationMarch 2005 COMPLETED
4Gas MalaysiaEPCC of NGDS – Shah Alam - Carry out NDTManpower Supply, pipeline installationMarch 2005 COMPLETED
5PBJV Groop SBWest Lutong Pipeline ReplacementManpower Supply, pipeline installation2007-2008 COMPLETED
6PBJV Groop SBFabrication of Davit / Semarang Field / Kikih Pipelines(via K2K Energy SdnBhd)Manpower Supply and Fabrication WorksJuly- Dec 07 COMPLETED
7PBJV Groop SBSBO & SKO under water maintenanceManpower SupplyJuly - Oct 07 COMPLETED
8PBJV Groop SBLabuan Gas Pipeline replacement project - Supply of manpower to carry out installation pipeline and fabricated Davit for LGASTManpower SupplyJuly’07- Jan’08 COMPLETED
9PBJV Groop SBShore approach, installation pipeline Kikeh (via K2K Energy Sdn Bhd)Manpower SupplyNov’07- Jan’08 COMPLETED
10PBJV Groop SBKepong-Tiong Sectional Pipeline ReplacementManpower SupplyMac – Nov 08 COMPLETED
11PBJV Groop SBManpower supply during jacket launching.Manpower SupplyNov’08 COMPLETED
12PBJV Groop SBManpower Supply & Equipment for Baram Replacement ProjectManpower SupplyNov’08 COMPLETED
13PCSB -TL Offshore/ AlamMaritimMaterial & Equipment supply during TBCP-A Jacket launchingSupply and install 2 units of 100mt winchesMay 2010 COMPLETED
14CRC EvansMinor Fabrication for facilities set up at Johor Port Logistic warehouse.Minor Fabrication, manpower and material supply.May 2010 COMPLETED
15PBJV Groop SBManpower & Equipment supply for Kumang Cluster Pipeline Project. (Shore Approach)Manpower SupplyMay 2010 COMPLETED
16PBJV Groop SBProvision of Riser Replacement (SPO-SKO) for PetronasManpower SupplyMay-July 2011 COMPLETED
17Target Energy Co.Provision of Replacement Pipeline for Sarawak Operation (SKO)Manpower SupplyJune-July 2011 COMPLETED
18PETRONAS Carigali / Target Energy Co. Sdn. Bhd.SKO Pipeline replacement 2011 ProjectManpower Supply, Automatic Welding SystemCOMPLETED
19PCSB / TLO / Alam Maritim24” ANDRA-A / TCOT Shore ApproachManpower SupplyApr–May 2011 COMPLETED
20PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. BhdProvision of Riser Repair for PCSB – Sabah OperationManpower SupplyMay – July 2011 COMPLETED
21PCSBProvision for HUC for SKO Pipeline Replacement ProjectManpower SupplyAug 2011 COMPLETED
22PCSBSKO Pipeline Replacement (BODP-C)Manpower SupplySept 2011 COMPLETED
23Global Offshore Malaysia Sdn BhdProvision of AWS Services (24” and 14” x 122.623KM SOGT to KBB Platform)For Kebabangan Northern Hub Development ProjectManpower SupplyCOMPLETED Feb–Aug 12
24Alam SwiberProvision of Automatic Pipeline Welding Services for the Installation of Pipeline for SOGT ProjectManpower SupplyCOMPLETED Feb–June 12
25Alam SwiberWPQT (Structure) for Shell/AlamSwiberManpower SupplyCOMPLETED Feb–Sept 12