Field Joint Coating (FJC)

Our company has been providing Field Joint Coating services to the pipeline construction industry; onshore, offshore and spool base activities through our principal of Pipeline Induction Heat, PIH. The principles adopted by Pipeline Induction Heat are to ensure the highest possible quality of application, to achieve the long term performance and integrity of the field joint coating system.

Our field joint coating equipment offers highly repeatable installation processes, capable of achieving high coating production rates, allowing for faster commissioning and reduced pipeline construction costs. The equipment and processes are designed to minimize any effects to the environment, whilst assuring the health and safety of the operator. The PIH operatives are highly skilled, following years of in-house training and field experience.

Surface Preparation
• Blast preparation
   - Closed cycle blasting
   - Open blasting
• Surface treatment
   - Induction heating
Corrosion Protection System
(including high temperature service)

• Fabrication of Riser Guard
• Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE)
• 3 Layer Systems (3LPE and 3LPP)
   - Heat assisted, Fused Field Joint (FFJ)
   - Flame spray
• Heat Shrink Sleeves (HSS)
• Multi-Component Liquid (MCL)
   - Epoxy
   - Polyurethane
Thermal Insulation
• Injection Moulded Polyurethane (IMPU)
• Injection Moulded Polypropylene (IMPP)
• Fused Insulating Jacket (FIJ)
Pipe Profile Solution
(concrete weight coated pipelines)

• Polyurethane Foam Infill (PUF)
• Injection Moulded Polyurethane (IMPU)
Other Application
• Abrasive Resistant Overcoat (ARO)
• Line Pipe Coating
• Trench Breakers


Fusion Bonded Expoxy
Multidiameter, onshore and offshore
Foam Infill
Fast production for offshore pipelay
Injection Moulded Polyurethane
Insulation coating system
Multi-Component Loquid
High performance coating for polyetbelene pipeline
Polypropylene Flamespray
Bespoke coating for pipeline fittings and joints
Polypropylene Tape
Coating proven system for real barge and J-lay applications