Automatic Welding Services

One of the core competencies of Time Temasek Sdn Bhd is to provide Automatic Welding Services especially for the offshore sector. We had since secured an agency with a globally known service provider of automatic welding services to provide a valuable added service in offshore pipeline installation for our clients. The collaboration has provided Time Temasek Sdn Bhd access to a full range of state-of-the-art automatic welding equipment such as pipe bevelling machines, ready rack preheating pipe ends, copper back-up clamps, internal welding machine and external laser-guided automatic welding bugs.

Our automatic welding system is one of the most recent innovations available in the world. With one of the world's successful Technology Partner, Time Temasek Sdn Bhd not only provides you with the best automatic welding services the world can offer, we also enable you to save valuable time and also operation costs.

Our Service Yard
We have a 30,000-sq. ft. covered yard in Johor Port to service our clients in the region. This yard is fully equipped with the latest equipment. The service yard allows us to provide valuable services for large-scale offshore pipelaying operations such as:

 - Double jointing procedure
  (which can reduce the duration   
  of off-shore pipelaying   
  operations by another 50%)
- Blasting works
- Painting/coating
- Welding and storage
- Welding Procedure Qualification
  Testing (WPQT)
- Welding Procedures and
  Specification (WPS)